Company agreement 2020/21

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Company agreement 2020/21

A company agreement with us entails no costs, and minimal administration.

The company is assigned a code that the individual employee uses for purchases. (The code can only be used for online purchases).

We give a 20% discount on the following lift tickets for online purchases:

  • Day pass
  • Evening pass
  • Day pass children’s area
  • Evening card children’s area

Age distribution: Adults from 18 years and adolescents up to and including 17 years. (Free for children under 7 years. Cards for children under 7 years, can not be purchased online!)

All you need to buy a lift pass online is a keycard from Skidata. On the back of the keycard there is a number, this starts at 01 el. 30 it can be used. (Does not have to be a keycard from Eikedalen).

Lift tickets purchased online / online are ready for use, and are activated when you go through a Skidata reader at the lifts. (In other words; no ticket queue!)

If you do not have a keycard, you can buy this online (NOK 50) and pick it up with the desired card type in the ticket booths or the like. at Skiutleien.

Companies that want to enter into an agreement with us can send an e-mail to

From our side, it is desirable that the company has over 20 employees.